What Makes A Luxury Vacation Luxurious?

What to Look for in a Luxury Vacation Rental

If you are looking into luxury vacation rentals, then you may want to know what makes a place “luxury”. In this article, we will look at aspects that should definitely be available to you in a luxury vacation setting so that you know if the rental you are looking at is worth the cost

Aspects of a Luxury Rental

There are certain defining qualities that make a luxury vacation rental, such as:

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Amenities
  • Technology
  • Uniqueness

Exceptional Customer Service

luxury vacation rentalsThe main hallmark of a luxury vacation rental is customer service. There should be a 24-hour concierge available to you. Concierge services range making dinner reservations to mail services, and are should be your go-to in terms of service. 

The owner or manager of the luxury property should make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You want an owner or manager who is genuinely interested in making your stay fantastic, as opposed to just making money off of you. An owner that treats their staff and employees well is another benchmark of a luxurious place, as it implies they see the value in people. 


Continuing with great customer care, there should be many amenities available to you at no extra cost. This includes things such as:

  • Personal Chef
  • Room Service
  • Cleaning
  • Gym
  • Pool
  • Spa

While some extra costs may be associated with the spa, for the most part, if you are paying luxury prices, you should be getting luxurious treatment.  Be sure to see what is offered, and covered in the price, before booking any luxury vacation rentals. 


A luxury vacation rental should have state of the art technology. High Speed, unlimited Wi-Fi is a must. There should also be things such as Smart TV’s, charging cables for electronics, music hookups and high-end speakers. Having cool technology in the bathroom and kitchen is another hallmark of a luxury vacation area, and includes:

  • Digital Control Showers
  • Heated Bathroom Floors
  • Smart Fridge
  • Espresso Machine

Look for a luxury rental place that has put effort into their technological, as that means they are truly committed to both offering and being the best. 


Finally, the other cornerstone of luxury vacation rentals is uniqueness. The place should not look like a generic hotel room, nor should the service, views, and vibe feel bland and uninspired. The properties should be engaging and interesting visually. It should be clear that someone took time to make the place look fantastic. 

Having an interesting story behind the property, or a unique twist to the property, is another way to invoke luxury, as exclusivity and luxury really do go hand in hand. When looking for a property, be sure to find one that has unique features that appeal to you.


Luxury vacation rentals should offer more than a regular rental. Be sure when you are booking that what you are renting is worth the luxury price tag

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