What Is Nyauw Gunarto’s Strategy To Save Nature

We live on a beautiful planet named Earth. It is on Earth that the water is available in liquid form, which is the most important substance for life to evolve. Human beings are the most advanced of all the living species that are found on Earth. Human beings are controlling the earth, and there is nothing to be proud of because we as human beings have done more damage to Earth than doing any good. We have been consuming products that are available on Earth as if we own them. We have taken Earth for granted, which in my opinion is our biggest mistake, which will have severe repercussions in the future.

                                                   nyauw gunarto

Nature from time to time has given us hints what it can do to the entire human race, but the majority of people are still being ignorant about the same. But, there are many who have understood that nature is more powerful than an atom bomb, so it is important that we all respect nature more than anything else. People like Nyauw Gunarto is fighting hard to improve the health of nature, which is on the decline ever since human race came into its existence. Nyauw Gunarto is an Indonesian painter who comes from a small town named Semarang, which is based in the state of Java.

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He has been fighting for nature for a long time now, and his way of making people aware of the declining health of nature is a bit different from most activists. He shows his concern for nature through his paintings. He draws the dark side of nature, a side that is there because of humans. He is very vocal about the decline of nature, and he blames it all on human beings. You can find more information about Nyauw Gunarto Semarang on the web, as he is a famous person not just in Indonesia, but in other parts of the world as well.

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