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How To Choose The Best Vacuum Cleaner ?

When picking a vacuum cleaner there are several things that you have to consider.

Where are you going to use your vacuum?
First and foremost comes the question “Where?”. Where are you going to use your vacuum? Do you have a small flat with generic floor surfacing, a modern apartments that has some specific cleaning needs or a big house, with various different areas and surfaces that need your attention? Your choice has to be geared towards dealing with the environment at hand.

Picking a vacuum for your home
The number of people sharing the living space plays a huge role in the amount and types of dirt you will be cleaning. You may want to pick up a more multi-functional vacuum cleaner if you have any kids, since you will usually have to clean up a lot of messes after them. If you have a large family, you may want to give ____ a try.

Pets are also members of your family!
You can never exclude pets from the equation. Whether you have a cat, dog, hamster or a bird, they all add their own share to the mess in a home, and your cleaning tool of choice should be able to handle them as well. If you have one or more pets you should consider getting a ____
After you have gone over the first three questions, you can dive right in to the specifics.

vacuum cleaners


Common Types of Vacuum Cleaners in the Market

This is a huge, and I do mean HUGE deal. For quite some time now, there have been various reviews, discussions and debates going around, considering the pros and cons of the three general vacuum types. There is, however, no definite answer. Each type has it’s own ups and downs, ultimately leaving the decision to you.

Before we talk about the types of vacuum cleaners, it’s good to know a little steam mop that has been getting popular recently because it’s able to replace the traditional mop. People usually get a best steam mop to steam clean their dirty floors before use the vacuum to clean it. So, this will make the entire cleaning process faster.

Following are some of the most commonly found vacuum cleaners in the market now.

Upright Vacuums
Most upright vacuum models are equipped with very large bags, saving you the time and effort to change them frequently. They also are generally easier to use in wide open areas such as hallways and big rooms, in which you have large pieces of flooring to clean up. Typical uprights have hoses as well, making them an awesome “all round” choice.


Canister Vacuums
These offer a lot more suction power in comparison to uprights and handhelds, but they will take a bit more space. On the plus side, all of the canister vacuum models are equipped with very flexible hoses, which makes them perfect for cleaning difficult to reach spaces such as tight corners and behind large objects. Read this article so that you are clear weather to get a canister, an upright or a handheld.


Hand Held Vacuums
The hand held modes usually are a bit weaker in pure suction power, when compared to their larger brethren but are a lot more compact, user-friendly and easy to use. Because they are lightweight, they are usually preferred by people who have had various health problems or have recently undergone medical procedures.


Stick Vacuums
These models are something in between the lightweight handhelds and the heavier Uprights, where the extra suction power comes with some added weight. They are perfect if for the larger but harder to clean places, like the staircases most houses have. They also offer more bag space in comparison to their handheld cousins, making cleaning them less of a chore while allowing for longer usage.


Robotic Vacuums 

This strongly depends on where you are going to use the device. Robot Vacuums are good for smaller apartments, due to the general limitations applied by their batteries and their lower suction power. Also, with most Robot Vacuums, it’s impossible to navigate the device directly, it will just go around, doing it’s own thing. This means that it will need a large flat space to operate on – you don’t want it getting stuck in your stairway. However, if your living space is suitable for a Robot Vacuum and you choose to purchase one, you will certainly not be left disappointed.

There are other types of vacuums which are less popular like commercial vacuum, steam cleaner, wet dry vacuum, or even specific use like pools vacuum cleaner.

Following are some other factors to consider when getting a new vacuum:

Cord or Cordless

Almost all types of vacuums is offering the corded model while some types like stick, handheld also offering the cordless models. Those cordless are powered by battery that is usually rechargeable ans you need to charge it from time to time. So, if the power cord is long enough like 16 ft, it should be enough for cleaning average rooms at home.

The Price Ranges
This is the last, but by no means least important thing that one should consider when shopping for home cleaning tools. Usually, in our day and age, the price tags on most things rarely reflect on their reliability and functionality, and this is a huge problem. This is one of the reasons that pushed me in to making this site – so that I can help people get exactly what they need for their home.

The Budget Solution
There aren’t many cheap models that are good. This has given me the ability to actually note all the decent ones in the site and give you a good review for each of them. In general, you will get less power, sloppy bags and some of them will lack extra tools such as hoses.

The Exquisite Beauty
These things are more or less “state of the art” deals, coming with extreme power, accompanied by the newest and most expensive addons that vacuum technology can offer. Here you will be getting tons of attach-able goodies, bags, hoses, various power solutions and so on.

The Best-of-both-worlds deal
Then finally there are the “jack of all trades” deals, granting you reasonable power for a reasonable amount of cash. These models will come with only the most necessary of additional tools. Generally speaking, however, here is where you want to go to get the most “bang for your buck” if you are not interested only in top-notch technological miracles.

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