What You Need to Know About Using Your Pool Vacuum Cleaner?

This article we will continue discussing the pool vacuum cleaner.

Whether you choose to purchase a manual or automatic machine, you will want to consider the time and effort required to use your machine as well as the maintenance and upkeep that comes with the machine, too.

Automatic machines generally just need to be plugged in and then dropped in the water. Manual machines will need to be plugged in and then you will have to use your manual effort to do the cleaning. However, with both machines you will find that you do have to clean the machine out after each use.

Each machine will have its own filter, and you will want to empty the filter’s contents into the trash before the contents dry out. It will be more difficult to clean the filter if the contents dry. Then you likely will want to take the garden hose and rinse the filter out, too.

If your hose has any contents remaining in it, you may want to run some fresh water through your vacuum hose, too. Proper maintenance and upkeep of your vacuum will help to ensure you get plenty of years of use out of it.

As with any vacuum, you may find that your pool vacuum cleaner needs replacement parts from time to time. As with other vacuums, you can find many of the parts you need online, and most are affordable and easy to replace on your own.

There may be times, however, when your machine will need to be serviced. Some machines will need to be serviced by the manufacturer to meet with warranty guidelines, but others can be taken in to your local pool service shop in your area.


Popular Features to Look For In Pool Vacuum Cleaner

As you search through the various models and styles, there are some features that you will want to look for in both the manual and automatic options. These features can cut down on cleaning time and make your job easier, too:

  • Extra-Wide Cleaning Head. The width of your vacuum head will play a big part in how quickly your machine can clean your pool.
  • Angular Head. While size matters with the head of your vacuum, so does the shape. Consider finding a model with an angular head if you have smaller nooks, crannies and corners in your pool that need to be cleaned such as those associated with stairs and ledges.
  • Suction Power. The greater the suction power, the better! Consider that there will certainly be some larger pieces of debris in your pool such as leaves, blades of grass, and more that your vacuum will need to pick up, and you want to get a machine that is capable of picking up any debris that may fall into your pool.


Pool Vacuum Models Recommendation

If you are shopping around for the right pool vacuum cleaner for your backyard oasis, you will want to definitely consider some of these top models:

  • Pentair K60400 Kreepy Krauly Kruiser Automatic In-Ground Pool Cleaner. This uniquely shaped vacuum is a high-end vacuum priced just under $500. It boasts powerful suction and an extra gripping vacuum head, so it is sure to pick up all of your debris on the first swipe. Plus, it also comes with bumpers on the angular head so it doesn’t leave marks on your pool’s surface as it maneuvers around. Consumers who have purchased this cleaner say it is worth every penny and is especially helpful for larger pools.
  • Water Tech Pool Blaster Max. This pool vacuum cleaner is cheaper in price and is among the higher end options available for manual models. It is unique in that it has no cords or hoses and is entirely self-contained with a rechargeable battery. This cleaner is lightweight and easy to use. While consumers who have purchased this machine rave about how easy it is use for cleaning and how excellent the suction it, some users say that the instructions and maintenance are a bit tedious.
  • Poolmaster 27514 Classic Full View Triangular Vinyl Liner Vacuum. This affordable vacuum head is cheaper and attaches right to your existing pool pole. Consumers who have reviewed this cleaner say that you cannot find a better vacuum for the price and that it really works well at picking up debris.

Whichever model and style you choose to get, you will love the added convenience and time-saving benefit that a pool vacuum cleaner can provide to you!