Finding used wood burning stoves for sale

If you want a woodburner but don’t want to pay shop prices the chances are you are looking for used wood burning stoves for sale. There are a few places we can suggest but there are also some pitfalls to be aware of.

Having a look in your local free paper or classifieds may be an idea but it is unlikely to throw up much as stoves have a long life span and more often than not people upgrade and then sell their old stove rather than just sell as they are not wanted anymore. If you are going to look in this type of publication go for the large nationals like free ads as you are much more likely to find a choice or even one to look at.


The internet for used wood burning stoves for sale

The internet is probably going to throw up the most opportunities, the likes of Ebay or Gumtree always have used wood burning stoves for sale and generally you can see pictures etc so at least you are not wasting time on stoves you don’t like the look of or that are a bit battered and bruised.

Before you go and look contact the reseller and ask questions it may save you a lot of drive time and hassle to ask things about the condition of the stove and the consumable parts like bricks and grates etc.

Eventually you will always have to go and thoroughly check these out so be prepared for a bit of a travel and if you are going make sure you have enough room to bring it back and also the muscle to get them into the transport you are in. Stoves are very heavy and are at least a two man (or woman) job to lift think also about blankets or packaging to ensure you get it back safely and without damaging it or your vehicle.


Going local for used wood burning stoves for sale

Probably the best route in my opinion to get second hand wood burning stoves is your local woodburning stoves shops. Many will take in part exchange models and then either sell them on directly or recondition the woodburner and put them in a used wood burning stoves for sale section of the shop.

There are a few benefits of going down this simple route. Firstly you know where the shop is should there be any problems or issues and hopefully as a reputable shop you can get the advice and support you need to rectify things. Secondly they will have good access to a local fitter to fit the stove for you.

Lastly as a shop the likely-hood is they will have done all the checking that we suggest you do. Any issue they would probably have sorted before you even see it to ensure they get the best price possible and they are unlikely to take in any used wood burning stoves for sale that they think are unlikely to be moved on quickly and easily.