Upright Vacuum Cleaners

When it comes to finding the right cleaning machine for your home, you have a few options. Obviously a vacuum is important regardless of the type of flooring surfaces you have in your home.

Vacuums are, after all, available to suit carpeted floors, hard floors, and multiple surfaces. Those machines also are available for large cleaning jobs, small cleaning jobs, and even cleaning upholstery and stairs, too.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a machine that can tackle your entire home’s various cleaning tasks with ease, an upright vacuum cleaner is a great choice.


What is Upright Vacuum?

An upright vacuum cleaner is generally a corded machine that is loaded with great attachments and tools that make cleaning everything from different flooring surfaces to ceiling fans and ceiling corners a breeze. There are also smaller varieties of these upright machines that are cordless, and you can find them in both bagless and bagged varieties.

Many people use their cleaner to tackle both spot cleaning tasks as well as to use for their more thorough weekly cleaning sessions, too. They are ideal for both larger and smaller homes, making them well-suited for most people to use.

Plus, because you push this machine along in front of you, this model is often preferred over the alternative of lugging around a canister machine behind you through the house.

The various upright vacuum cleaner models have been around for decades now, and the technology found in these machines has truly evolved over the years. Today, these machines are quieter and more lightweight than they were years ago, and they also pack a far more effective cleaning experience, too.

With the various brand and models available, you can find these machines priced on the affordable end at around $100 to the more elite end at over $500.

Pros and Cons of an Upright Vacuum Cleaner

You really do have a lot of options to choose from as you search for the right cleaning machine for your home. For so many people, this upright style is just perfect, yet it isn’t the best choice for everyone.

This type of vacuum is loaded with benefits, such as providing you with an all-in-one cleaning experience packed in one machine. If storage in your home is limited and you don’t have room to store several different vacuum machines, this one machine loaded with attachments that are designed to clean your home is the only one you really need. Plus, it’s far easier to push this machine than it is to pull along a canister-style vacuum.

On the flip side, however, the upright vacuum cleaner does have its disadvantages to consider, too. For instance, while the machine is suitable for all different kinds of cleaning tasks, it is often not considered to be the easiest machine to use for those smaller cleaning jobs.

Also, it can be quite a chore to lug this cleaner out of its storage area in your home, unwind the cord and plug it in for a smaller task. For instance, if you spilled flour while baking in the kitchen or when you need to spot clean the front entryway before company pays a visit. With a smaller device, and particularly with a cordless device, tasks such as these would be easier and faster for you to complete.

Yet for people who can only afford one vacuum cleaner, only have space for one machine, or who otherwise just don’t want to hassle with picking and choosing which of the various devices is best for a particular cleaning task, this is often one of the best and most popular choice.

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