Types of Building Inspections


They are a number of types if building inspections. Inspectors can be hired to do a general inspection of a building or a detailed inspection of a specific aspect of a building. Below, we have given a few types of detailed inspections –

  • Electric – The inspector checks the electric wiring and makes sure they are up to standard. Any possibilities of electric fires or faulty wiring are checked for.
  • Plumbing – The inspector checks the water plumbing for any leaks and faulty connections that may lead to blockage and flooding.
  • Pests – The inspector checks for any evidence of pests in the building like mice, termites and roaches.
  • Insulation – The inspector checks if the insulation in the walls is of the required quality, and has been installed properly.
  • Heating and AC – The inspector checks if the temperature regulators are in working order and are not faulty.
  • Frame – All frames, including window and door frames, are checked if they are properly installed. The condition of the frame and any wear and tear are also taken into account.
  • Fire – The effectiveness of sprinkler systems, fire alert system, and fire escapes are checked. The structures are also checked for any potential areas which might start a fire.

In Melbourne, building inspections are also carried out on government buildings by government approved inspectors. Inspection of public places like swimming pools and stadiums are categorized under special inspections. These inspections inform the clients on specific potential problems they might have in a specialized building.

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