The Warning Signs of Drug Abuse

The real warning signs of drug addiction are based on the kind of medication being taken. Unusual fragrances on breath and clothes are rather easy to differentiate, and the increasing disrespect for personal hygiene and general look.

Each drug has a different impact on the body and can be categorized into another category based on its result. Among the most common drugs used among teenagers is narcotics, it's considered to be totally gentle and natural but it's still a dangerous drug.

Other common medications used among teenagers are inhalants like glues, aerosols, and smokes from harsh chemicals like gasoline. All these are easily available and many things, like gas, which remove the oxygen from the body and set the individual in a really different condition. Regular use of inhalants causes migraines around the mouth and nose, nausea, and poor muscle control, changes in appetite, stress, and weakened vision.

If you or your loved one is suffering from a serious problem after taking Tasigna drug then you can file a lawsuit at  against the physician who prescribed that drug.

Addicts start becoming obsessed and aggressive for no valid reason and they begin to have mood swings and start further detaching themselves from people around them. It does not matter what kind of medication they're taking if a person has an issue with addiction they want help: even when they cannot acknowledge they have a problem

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