The Top Seven Hawaiian Events That Occur Every Year

Hawaii is a great place to be and is considered the fiftieth state to be part of the United States of America. The place is also considered as the Paradise of the Pacific, Islands of Aloha, and The Aloha State. It boasts of a population totaling to 1,428,557 and was considered a state since the twenty first of August in nineteen fifty nine.

Like other areas across the world, it also has its own set of events and occasions that occur annually. These are not only provides locals and tourists alike a chance to blow off some steam and have fun, these occasions usually have a lot of historical and cultural significance to the locals. For more information about this, the following paragraphs will be relaying the top seven Hawaiian Events Pasadena that occur every year in this state.

Do not be sidetracked by its label because the Chinese New Year is also something celebrated in this part of the United States. It is most prominently held and celebrated in their very own Chinatown center and in Honolulu. It offers a parade filled with Chinese mythological creatures, which is truly a sight to see.

The Honolulu Festival occurs for three days, during the tenth to the twelfth of March in Waikiki and in Honolulu as well. The reasoning behind this three day celebration is to commemorate the relationship that the place has with the region of Pacific Rim. Visiting the area during this time is a perfect chance to learn more about their culture and to fully immerse oneself in the many art demonstrations, parades with creative floats, and even traditional dance performances.

The Merrie Monarch Festival takes place for seven days, from April sixteen to twenty two in Hilo. Hilo is usually a quiet town with residences that prefer a simple existence. However, once a year the small town is transformed into a celebration venue for an entire week. The main reason why it was first invented was to commemorate and honor King David Kalakaua, who is the Merrie Monarch. The entire week has a lot to offer, including art exhibits, traditional performances, free music, hula dancing, and even cultural demonstrations.

Lei Day happens every first of May and is done across the entire island. Due to the significance and prominence of it, a phrase was invented following its many years of being celebrated. The phrase is May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii Nei. Much like the other occurrences, there is also live music, a lot of food vendors offering local cuisine, and hula dancing as well.

Mele Mei is commemorated for the entire month of May, most notable in Oahu and in Honolulu. However, it takes place in a venue called the Kani Ka Pila Grille, which is situated within the Outrigger Hotel, which is in Waikiki. In this place, Hawaiians take part in the Na Hokuhanohano Awards, which is their own version of the internationally known Grammys held every year.

The Lantern Floating Festival is their own version of commemorating Memorial Day. It takes place primarily in Moana Beach, which offers a stunning seascape that one will surely never forget. This is considered a solemn ceremony, which honors the many different ethnic cultures of this state that no longer exists today.

King Kamehameha Day takes place on the eleventh of June. It includes a parade that starts at the downtown streets and ends in Waikiki, as its final destination. The purpose of it is to honor their current leader, which the event is named after.

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