The 6 Performance Criterias Of External Wall System

 The external wall system is the cladding in the structure of building. There are many factors in building and construction which are related to exterior and external wall system. The very efficiency of a building is related to the wall structure and the materials used in construction. As experts in the industry there a few functionalities which are expected from the wall cladding system in buildings. Here are the 6 performance criterias which are important to the nature and functionality of a building :

Thermal Resistance

Thermal resistance is the ability of the exterior of the building wall to absorb or resists heat. For the comforts in the inside of modern buildings, the thermal pressure should be kept as low as possible. The walls should also be built in a way to be fire resistant on the interior and the exterior.

Strength And Stability

Strength and stability of the wall is complementary to the strength of building itself therefore it is very important. The strength which is directly linked to structure of building is called structural strength of walls. The non load bearing strength of the walls is known as non structural strength.

Weather Resistance

The wall constructed must be resistant to various attacks of nature such as rain, sand, snow and glare from the sun. The walls should also be able to resists moisture. This function of wall structure also determines the life of building.

Design For Building

The walls should be planned in a way which is both technically feasible and also compatible to the interior design of the building. Many high rise facade buildings are ultra stylish both on the interior and on the exterior.

Nose Resistance

One more feature of modern buildings is that it should be able to divert the outside noise pollution. The noises from the city can be stressful to the people working inside the offices.Many music recording studios might desire sound resistant cement to be used in walls.

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