Stick Vacuum Cleaners

stick vacuumsHeavy-duty, traditional vacuum cleaners do indeed fit a certain purpose and meet a certain need for some people. They cover plenty of floor space, and many of them are loaded with attachments that aid in cleaning areas below the furniture, stairs, and hard-to-reach places.

Yet sometimes these heavy vacuums aren’t the best cleaner for the job, and their lightweight counterpart known as the stick vacuum cleaner is a preferable choice. This is especially true if you prefer the lightweight vacuum cleaner that can be easily moved from one place to another.


What is a Stick Vacuum Cleaner?

Stick vacuum is a lightweight cleaner that is often cordless, but there are some corded models available. Their name is derived from a stick-like appearance. Unlike traditional machines, they don’t normally have attachments and they also don’t require the need to push or pull heavy machines through your home.

These machines generally weigh just a few pounds, and they are often used by those with bad backs or other physical limitations as well as by those who have a smaller home to clean. After all, when you have a small apartment or home, a large upright or canister vacuum is a bit of overkill!

Others, however, who live in larger homes, will have a stick vacuum cleaner on hand as well. These machines are great for grabbing for a quick cleanup job in larger spaces. From start to finish, you can vacuum an average-sized living room in about two minutes!

For instance, if a neighbour calls and says they will be over in 10 minutes and your living room is a mess, you don’t have the time or the need for a full cleanup job. You can simply grab this lightweight cleaner and do a quick yet thorough cleaning of the main areas of your home where you and our neighbour will be.


Pros and Cons of Stick Vacuum Cleaner

You may be wondering if you need a stick vacuum cleaner, a traditional machine, or both in your home. Obviously, you want your home to be as clean as possible, and you want to find the machine or machines that make that cleaning job fast and easy. Yet, if you are like most people, money is a factor and your budget for buying a machine is not unlimited.

Looking at the pros of the stick vacuum cleaner, you have the fact that this machine is ultra-lightweight. You don’t have to worry about dragging around a big, clunky machine through the house to do your cleaning jobs.

Instead, the various models of this machine feel as though they are gliding through air, and most weight under 10 pounds. The cordless and bagless varieties truly give you a hassle-free cleaning experience, too.

Another great thing about the stick vacuum cleaner models is the price. There are tons of models available, and most are priced under $100. There are even quite a few that are priced about $50, which makes them great for any budget. The models available include those with bagged and bagless models as well as those that are corded and cordless, too.

Yet these smaller machines have their drawbacks that need to be considered, too. For one, they generally are not intended for larger spaces. The cordless variety will run out of battery or the battery power will decrease with some models if you try to clean a large home from top to bottom with it. Plus the smaller debris canister means that you would constantly be emptying it as you move from room to room of a larger home.

Then, there is the fact that most of the stick vacuum cleaner models do not have attachments. Many are designed to clean right up to your baseboards to give your floors a thorough cleaning, but these are not generally machines that you would use to clean cobwebs from your ceiling corners or to clean dog hair off the couch.

Obviously there are some clear benefits to having a stick vacuum cleaner on hand, yet the drawbacks cannot be overlooked either. Many people with larger homes will have a traditional model and a stick model alike on hand to tackle all of their cleaning jobs, big or small.

Other people who live in smaller homes or who otherwise find cleaning with big machines to be too cumbersome will have just the lightweight machine and perhaps a secondary handheld machine to help with upholstery.