Special Low Calories Smoothie Recipe

There is no doubt that many different recipes are available when it comes to making a smoothie on your own. You can put different types of fruits and vegetables in your smoothie maker to get the perfect taste and health. But the problem arises when your sole objective is losing some extra pounds of your body behind smoothie drinking. You must be conscious here are choose the ingredients wisely to get the desired results. There is no doubt that it must be supported by a well-designed workout also.

Smoothies are preferred by many experts as well when you are trying to lose weight. This is so because you can simply get the required amount of nutrients and vitamins without adding extra calories and fat. A good smoothie will give you enough strength and you will be able to stay fill for long hours.  Here we are going to explain about a low-calorie smoothie which can be really beneficial for you.


–    Eight ounces non-fat milk or soy milk

–    Two tablespoons of herbal vanilla

–    One tbsp of protein powder

–    Half teaspoon of decaffeinated instant coffee

–    Four to six cube of ice or as per your choice

Domestic device

Some people prefer to prepare this in their ordinary blender but you should know the fact that smoothie makers are specially designed to handle the bulk liquid carefully and efficiently. They can stir everything perfectly to give you perfect taste and texture. It is quite possible that you may not be able to do that with y our ordinary blender.

Blending and serving

You should put the soy milk in the smoothie maker. Blend it for a while and then add rest of the ingredients in the mixture. The smoothie is ready and you can serve it fresh immediately for the best results and taste. You should buy a smoothie maker with a jar in which you can directly have your smoothie. This will save your precious time and additional cost to buy some cups.

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