Buying second hand wood burning stoves

The second hand wood burning stoves market is very buoyant and expect to pay decent money especially for the leading brands. Prestige brands like Clearview, Jydepejsen or Scan will fetch nearly as much as the normal retail price if they are in good condition and even with problems the price does not drop much.

As there is not really much that can go wrong with a woodburner the buying second hand wood burning stoves is a great way of saving some money without any real risk. Components for these stoves are easily and readily available and getting a pro on to fix them costs very little. A quick respray, a few bits and the stove will literally look like new and function every bit as well as a brand new woodburner.


Things to look out for in second hand wood burning stoves

There are a few things to keep your eye open for when looking at second hand stoves. You have to look past a bit of dust and ash and take a good long look around to ensure there are no cracks in the cast, although many of these panels etc can be replaced that may well be difficult and costly.
Once you are happy you are not looking at a cracked stove open the doors and check the handles and the door hinges etc are they opening and shutting well do they feel like they are closing tight if not it may be as simple as changing the rope or tightening things up but make sure they all are in good working order. The ropes in the doors are very easily replaced for about £10 and this is a stupidly simple DIY job with a scraper, rope glue and new rope. Simply take off all the old rope and scrape away and residue. Cut rope to size and glue in position then leave to dry.
Have a look inside second hand wood burning stoves are likely to need a bit of work are the grates in good condition these grates have the fire directly on top of them and degrade until they need replacing if they do need changing that will cost around £50-£100 so best to check and use if necessary to knock down the asking price a bit.


Firebricks in second hand wood burning stoves

Firebricks which are used to keep heat in and protect the cast often crack, they can be repaired easily but if too far gone will need to be changed. The cost of doing this varies but we recently bought a set for an Esse Ironheart and it only cost around £60 for all the bricks. If you buy a set there is no need to change them all, keep them safe and dry and use when needed.
Lastly have a general look around and speak to the previous owner are there any warped parts (these occur sometimes if the stove is run to hard and hot causing metal to warp out of shape) does it look well looked after. Once you have ticked all these boxes you will just need to find a good installer that will fit second hand wood burning stoves to get it ready for you to use.