Safety Tips For Using Cable Reel Pushers

A cable reel pusher is a stand on which cable reel is placed, and the cable is spooled around the reel. Cable reel pushers are used to take the cable from one place to another, over a short distance, without the wire being tangled or damaged.


A cable reel pusher, although simplifies laborious tasks of taking an electrical cable from one place to another, it also needs to be handled with complete care and attention. Safety tips for using cable reel pushers are:

1. Read the instructions first:

Always follow the instructions and read your manual before using the equipment. Maintain a safe distance from the reel pusher, and always make sure you do your calculations of how much load the reel pusher can carry, for what type of task. This will help you avoid any accidents on site.

2. Prevention of electrocution:

Since the wire is usually electrical, the site should be made shock-proof. Moreover, one needs to be completely careful while handling this equipment, including the use of rubber gloves, shoes and hats with rubber on them. Cable gland covers ensure additional safety and security on site.

3. Safe storage:

The equipment involving cable reels should always be stored in a safe, rust-proof, and dry place, ideally inside a store where there isn’t any moisture. Rust can really damage the cables and the reel. Moisture can cause an interruption in wire signals and even short circuiting, leading to a lot of damage. One needs to make sure that the equipment is safe, in order to follow a better maintenance regime in the long run.

Cable reel pushers are extremely helpful yet need to be used with precautions and care.

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