The multifuel stoves debate

There is a debate between experts on the benefits of going with multifuel stoves over a conventional woodburner and in the UK we have found the requests for multi fuel stoves are about 50% of the business that we generate. Often the reasoning behind going for multi fuel stoves is the same and that is to further reduce the costs associated with heating using a stove.

Often people are unaware of the pros and cons and before you decide its worth knowing a little bit about the differences before you decide. The first thing to consider when it comes to the installation of multi fuel stoves is that the liner needed is slightly different from that used in a normal woodburning stove installation its called a 904 grade flue liner and its a much tougher and thicker liner than the 316 grade liner used for a woodburner. This will cost you more but its essential and it should not be more than about £150 extra for this liner.


Are there problems with multi fuel stoves

As long as you look after them they are a great option especially for older individuals who don’t want to be going back and forth to fetch logs and lighting fires every morning. Please don’t get us wrong maintaining a woodburner and keeping it alight is very easy and quick to do, but if you can use coal then the fire will burn for longer and keeping it going overnight is simple.

As coal is a dirty fuel keeping the flue clean is also a big consideration you will need to sweep the chimney more regularly to ensure you keep getting a good draw and the build up doesn’t cause blocks or damage. If you don’t do this a large hard deposit can build up in your flue and when you do try to sweep can be stubborn and lead to splits in the flue liner.

The other main issue surrounding them is that the areas where the coal is in direct contact with metal will degrade this much quicker than wood so things like the grate and griddle will need to be replaced more frequently than a woodburners.

As long as you maintain it and keep your flue nice a clean you should have many years of trouble free burning whichever fuel you use and whichever of the brands of multi fuel stoves you pick as your new stove.


Multi fuel stoves are now available in huge variety

If you are gong down the multi fuel stoves route then the choice is now really extensive, all the leading brands are offering a selection of these stoves and you can even get them in really contemporary designs as well as traditional looks.

From freestanding to wall mounted there are multi fuel stoves to suit all tastes and room settings, the savings you will enjoy on your heating bills will be of huge satisfaction but the look and feel of a roaring real fire really is the best part of it all.