Experience Jane Rutter enchanting flute music


Jane Rutter, an extremely famous flautist from Australia has been enchanting people and enthusiasts with her beautiful flute music for years now. Jane has been awarded with the French medal Chevailer de l’Ordre Arts et Letters in the year 2016. She loves playing her flute and has many awards under her sleeve. She has been making all her fans with great music that has been used in many movies, theatre background scores etc. It is a treat to watch Jane play her flute. People who can experience her lovely music are quite lucky as she plays like a dream.

Attend Jane’s events in your city

Jane Rutter loves the idea of travelling to various countries so that she can hold her events and concerts and teach people the magic of flute. She is a humble lady and believes in spreading her knowledge. She holds classes and workshops before and after her concerts so that the flute lovers can learn something about the art. She does not believe in keeping her talent with herself. She teaches people the basics and extremists of playing the flute instrument. A flute may look like a simple instrument, but is quite hard to play.

 Book your tickets online

The online platform has made ticket booking quite easy and that is great news for all Jane Rutter fans. The official website also has a direct link to the ticket-booking website. Therefore, people must make the best use of internet and book tickets in advance.

Hear all Jane’s famous flute songs.

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