Email Address Validation – Are Desktop Software Solutions Worth the Cash?

Does your enterprise use email to stay in contact with your clients?

If the solution is yes, you've probably already experienced the issues that come up from clients who do not have current or valid email boxes. Does the following sound familiar?

Bounced mails or Non Delivery Receipts (NDR's)

Needing to manually upgrade your client newsletter listing with Each NDR from each newsletter or effort. If you want to get email validation serice you may browse

Desktop email validation

You may have considered using one of numerous desktop products offered for mass email validation.

Maybe you're thinking about buying one of those desktop solutions. If that's the case, stop!

We've discovered these products simply cannot provide precise results.

The large problem with desktop Program

Why are there problems? It is no trouble to do with the application itself but instead where it's being run from.

Assessing email addresses for validation requires a two way "dialog" between the mailbox you're checking and the applications you're using to perform the checking account.

The issue comes when the server hosting the email box that you're checking. On account of the difficulties of spam, many email boxes utilize various procedures to test for spam-like SMTP "talks".

Your desktop validation applications will simply NOT work if:

You're running it on a desktop using a dynamic IP assigned by your internet provider

That you don't have a reverse DNS entry on your IP

That you don't have valid DNS/SPF documents for your IP running your desktop approval program.

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