Do Ozone Generators Remove Curry Smell?

Whenever you’re cooking, you might find that the smell of the food can fill your kitchen and your home. While this may be appealing for a little while, the odors of staleness might crop up. There are other unappealing smells that may arise as well.

The possibility of burning food is always there, leaving your home smelling like charcoal for at least a few days. There are other foods, too, like curry. Curry can give off an unappealing smell whenever it is being cooked and you don’t want that in your home for a long while. Damage Control 911 gives us ways that we can eliminate this odor. One of those ways is an ozone generator.

Ozone generators can remove not only the smell of that curry, but any smell that you might have in your kitchen and home. The smell from these things can be removed with the use of one. Of course, ozone is dangerous to living things, including the three p’s: people, pets, and plants.

You should keep these out of the room where an ozone generator is running. Never be in the same room when it was running because ozone will cause respiratory problems for you. It will cause your lungs to become inflamed, which is quite uncomfortable. It can kill pets if you let them in the room while the ozone is active.

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