Finding used wood burning stoves for sale

If you want a woodburner but don’t want to pay shop prices the chances are you are looking for used wood burning stoves for sale. There are a few places we can suggest but there are also some pitfalls to be aware of.

Having a look in your local free paper or classifieds may be an idea but it is unlikely to throw up much as stoves have a long life span and more often than not people upgrade and then sell their old stove rather than just sell as they are not wanted anymore. If you are going to look in this type of publication go for the large nationals like free ads as you are much more likely to find a choice or even one to look at.


The internet for used wood burning stoves for sale

The internet is probably going to throw up the most opportunities, the likes of Ebay or Gumtree always have used wood burning stoves for sale and generally you can see pictures etc so at least you are not wasting time on stoves you don’t like the look of or that are a bit battered and bruised.

Before you go and look contact the reseller and ask questions it may save you a lot of drive time and hassle to ask things about the condition of the stove and the consumable parts like bricks and grates etc.

Eventually you will always have to go and thoroughly check these out so be prepared for a bit of a travel and if you are going make sure you have enough room to bring it back and also the muscle to get them into the transport you are in. Stoves are very heavy and are at least a two man (or woman) job to lift think also about blankets or packaging to ensure you get it back safely and without damaging it or your vehicle.


Going local for used wood burning stoves for sale

Probably the best route in my opinion to get second hand wood burning stoves is your local woodburning stoves shops. Many will take in part exchange models and then either sell them on directly or recondition the woodburner and put them in a used wood burning stoves for sale section of the shop.

There are a few benefits of going down this simple route. Firstly you know where the shop is should there be any problems or issues and hopefully as a reputable shop you can get the advice and support you need to rectify things. Secondly they will have good access to a local fitter to fit the stove for you.

Lastly as a shop the likely-hood is they will have done all the checking that we suggest you do. Any issue they would probably have sorted before you even see it to ensure they get the best price possible and they are unlikely to take in any used wood burning stoves for sale that they think are unlikely to be moved on quickly and easily.

Buying second hand wood burning stoves

The second hand wood burning stoves market is very buoyant and expect to pay decent money especially for the leading brands. Prestige brands like Clearview, Jydepejsen or Scan will fetch nearly as much as the normal retail price if they are in good condition and even with problems the price does not drop much.

As there is not really much that can go wrong with a woodburner the buying second hand wood burning stoves is a great way of saving some money without any real risk. Components for these stoves are easily and readily available and getting a pro on to fix them costs very little. A quick respray, a few bits and the stove will literally look like new and function every bit as well as a brand new woodburner.


Things to look out for in second hand wood burning stoves

There are a few things to keep your eye open for when looking at second hand stoves. You have to look past a bit of dust and ash and take a good long look around to ensure there are no cracks in the cast, although many of these panels etc can be replaced that may well be difficult and costly.
Once you are happy you are not looking at a cracked stove open the doors and check the handles and the door hinges etc are they opening and shutting well do they feel like they are closing tight if not it may be as simple as changing the rope or tightening things up but make sure they all are in good working order. The ropes in the doors are very easily replaced for about £10 and this is a stupidly simple DIY job with a scraper, rope glue and new rope. Simply take off all the old rope and scrape away and residue. Cut rope to size and glue in position then leave to dry.
Have a look inside second hand wood burning stoves are likely to need a bit of work are the grates in good condition these grates have the fire directly on top of them and degrade until they need replacing if they do need changing that will cost around £50-£100 so best to check and use if necessary to knock down the asking price a bit.


Firebricks in second hand wood burning stoves

Firebricks which are used to keep heat in and protect the cast often crack, they can be repaired easily but if too far gone will need to be changed. The cost of doing this varies but we recently bought a set for an Esse Ironheart and it only cost around £60 for all the bricks. If you buy a set there is no need to change them all, keep them safe and dry and use when needed.
Lastly have a general look around and speak to the previous owner are there any warped parts (these occur sometimes if the stove is run to hard and hot causing metal to warp out of shape) does it look well looked after. Once you have ticked all these boxes you will just need to find a good installer that will fit second hand wood burning stoves to get it ready for you to use.

Second Hand Stoves for Sale

We have a number of second hand stoves for sale currently and will post details as more become available for sale. All our second hand stoves have been thoroughly checked by an expert so that you can be assured the stove you buy is in perfect working order.

We are installing wood burners all the time and often we are replacing an older stove when a customer upgrades to a newer or larger stove and will want to part exchange the old model so that we can take it away at the same time as installing the new one. We will then recondition and repair any faults before putting up the second hand stoves back up for sale.


Current second hand stoves available

We currently have a few cracking second hand stoves for sale, the first is from leading stove manufacturer Clearview and its the large Clearview 650 that we have. Its been very well looked after and the client only sold the stoves to us as he was moving into rented accommodation for the foreseeable future and didn’t want to leave it in storage for the long term. The market for second hand stoves by Clearview is very buoyant and this particular stove is in excellent condition and is ready to be installed immediately. The full retail price for this model is £1645 and we are offering this one for a great price of £1100 but if you choose us to install it we can do it for £950.


Ex-display second hand stoves

We have a few ex-display jydepejsen second hand stoves which we are selling off the first has been used a few times and is the Cosmo 971 retails at £1509 we had it running in one of our showrooms for a short while but have a different model installed now. We want £900 for this contemporary log burner from this famous Scandinavian brand. Effortless control and sleek modern styling make it a firm favourite with customers and if we install as well we can knock a further £100 off the second hand stoves price. It is in immaculate condition and will give you many years of enjoyment.
We also have an Elegance Junior for sale on a rotating base so that you can point the fire in the direction you want the most heat. They are £1748 at retail but we will let this one go for £1400 or £1300 if we are fitting it for you. The elegance is a beautifully crafted woodburner and this one is as new but we are selling off as part of our second hand stoves sale.
The second of our ex-demo stock is a Franco Belge Monaco this 6kw stove has not been used and retails at £1125 we have two for sale but we only want £750 for these “as new” second hand stoves. Franco Belge are a leading manufacturer and this model is a wider than it looks version for those with a larger recess who want the look of a big stove but without the heat output.

We also offer a full range of multifuel stoves both new and second hand. For more info, please contact us using the contact form or email to Thanks.


The multifuel stoves debate

There is a debate between experts on the benefits of going with multifuel stoves over a conventional woodburner and in the UK we have found the requests for multi fuel stoves are about 50% of the business that we generate. Often the reasoning behind going for multi fuel stoves is the same and that is to further reduce the costs associated with heating using a stove.

Often people are unaware of the pros and cons and before you decide its worth knowing a little bit about the differences before you decide. The first thing to consider when it comes to the installation of multi fuel stoves is that the liner needed is slightly different from that used in a normal woodburning stove installation its called a 904 grade flue liner and its a much tougher and thicker liner than the 316 grade liner used for a woodburner. This will cost you more but its essential and it should not be more than about £150 extra for this liner.


Are there problems with multi fuel stoves

As long as you look after them they are a great option especially for older individuals who don’t want to be going back and forth to fetch logs and lighting fires every morning. Please don’t get us wrong maintaining a woodburner and keeping it alight is very easy and quick to do, but if you can use coal then the fire will burn for longer and keeping it going overnight is simple.

As coal is a dirty fuel keeping the flue clean is also a big consideration you will need to sweep the chimney more regularly to ensure you keep getting a good draw and the build up doesn’t cause blocks or damage. If you don’t do this a large hard deposit can build up in your flue and when you do try to sweep can be stubborn and lead to splits in the flue liner.

The other main issue surrounding them is that the areas where the coal is in direct contact with metal will degrade this much quicker than wood so things like the grate and griddle will need to be replaced more frequently than a woodburners.

As long as you maintain it and keep your flue nice a clean you should have many years of trouble free burning whichever fuel you use and whichever of the brands of multi fuel stoves you pick as your new stove.


Multi fuel stoves are now available in huge variety

If you are gong down the multi fuel stoves route then the choice is now really extensive, all the leading brands are offering a selection of these stoves and you can even get them in really contemporary designs as well as traditional looks.

From freestanding to wall mounted there are multi fuel stoves to suit all tastes and room settings, the savings you will enjoy on your heating bills will be of huge satisfaction but the look and feel of a roaring real fire really is the best part of it all.

The benefits of woodburning stoves

Wood StoveI believe most household has a stove but how to choose a good stove is never an easy task. That’s why I would like to write this article about stoves and the differences between wordburning and multifuel stoves.

Since the dawn of man people have been burning wood to keep warm but now this old fashioned way to keeping warm has been modernised and is becoming ever popular in the form of woodburning stoves. New stoves are highly efficient and can reduce heating bills by 50% or more and in an era of rising fuel prices this has fuelled a growth in the industry never seen before.

Woodburning stoves are highly efficient

If you are looking into the possibility of buying one of these woodburning stoves then the first thing to consider is the size of your room. With some of them being 90%+ efficient then the first thing to ensure is you do not buy a stove that is too big for the room. These woodburning stoves are likely to surprise you with the amount of heat output they give out so overheating a living space is a real danger if you don’t get the correct advice.

There are calculators online to check the size you need for your room but you also need to consider factors like insulation and the amount of windows the room has so its best to get professional advice before you decide on the right stove for you.

Woodburning stoves or the multifuel option

Once you have decided on the KW output for the room you will also need to decide if you want a woodburner or multifuel stove. With a multifuel stove you have the option of burning different fuel types like coal, which is popular in the UK as it dampens the wood burn down and will burn for extended periods like overnight. If you do want to burn the dirtier fuels like coal you should get the flue swept more regularly and also a different grade of liner is used which is much stronger than the woodburning stoves grade liner.

Most stove specialists will still agree that burning only wood is both better for the stove and better for the environment but still using coal does have its benefits. Coal is freely available and does make the fire last longer if mixed with wood the fire can be easily kept burning overnight and so users won’t have to relight in the morning and wait for the heat to start to circulate. Running the stove all through the night also benefits by heating your home whilst you sleep.

 Whichever route you choose be sure to take advice it’s going to be in your home for a long time and so being 100% is essential. Woodburning stoves are becoming ever more popular and prices vary widely but quality will make a huge difference in terms of efficiency and ongoing running costs so the more you spend when you get yours the more you will save in the long run. Woodburning stoves typically range from around £250 for a 5kw stove at the bottom end of the market, £700 for the mid-range products and about £1200 for the top end but you could even look at the second hand market as this is very buoyant too.