Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

robot vacuumFor decades, people have been cleaning their floors with a traditional or normal vacuum like canister, upright, handheld, etc. At one time, vacuums were largely designed for carpeted floors, and then more recently vacuum cleaners have been introduced that work well with both carpets and hard floor surfaces, too.

While these advances in cleaning technology have certainly made cleaning your home a far easier task than it was for our ancestors, the most recent introduction of cleaning technology found in the robotic vacuum cleaner truly takes cleaning to new levels!

This is because this little vacuum can do the jobs even you are not at home as you just need to set the program and ready to go. So you do not need to handle the cleaning jobs by yourself as the robot machine is doing it silently.


History of Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The robotic vacuum cleaner was first released to the consumer marketplace in the mid 1990s, bringing intelligent cleaning power into homes around the globe. The Electrolux Trilobite was the first intelligent vacuum to hit the marketplace, and it was loaded with innovative technology that had never been seen before.

In fact, many in the general public had never even dreamed that such an innovation was possible. This machine is packed with sensors and high-tech features that enable it to roam around your home on battery operation. Its sensors sense walls and corners, stairs, and more.

Magnetic strips could be placed to keep the machine from entering into other areas you don’t want it to go. It even put itself back onto its charging station when it sensed its battery running low!

Soon after the Electrolux Trilobite was introduced, other similar vacuums hit the marketplace. Today, these machines can be found in most places where traditional vacuum cleaners are sold. While most stores that sell vacuums carry a few models, you can generally find a better selection by shopping online.

The robotic vacuum cleaner models offer the consumer a high-tech way to clean their floors, and they truly give you a hands-free approach to cleaning that is ideal for busy people as well as those who just don’t like the hassle of cleaning or who are unable to clean their floors as much as they would like due to physical limitations.


Features and Options

There are now a wide variety of robotic vacuum cleaner models to choose from, and with this variety comes the ability to find features that you need as well to find a machine priced within your budget.

Most of the robotic vacuum models are generally available in the price range of $300-500, but there are a few models that fall outside of this range, too. Some of the higher end models offer additional high-tech features, such as the ability to program cleanings to take place at a certain time, such as while you are out of the house at work during the day.

While some people may want to schedule cleanings when they are not at home, many people do find that with the quiet operation that the robotic vacuum cleaner models are known for, they don’t mind setting their vacuum to run when they are at home, too.

There are many options and models available in the market now, some of the well-known and popular manufacturers are iRobot, Neato robotics, Infinuvo, and iTouchless. In the coming article, I hope I can write and review on the individual model of the automatic vacuums.

Note: It’s always recommend that you use the traditional mop or steam mop cleaners to clean the floors before using the robot vacuums especially the floor that dirty with hard to clean liquids, etc.